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Brekke Tours TeamBrekke Tours strives to strengthen cultural, as well as ethnic ties between North America and Scandinavia/Europe by creating meaningful travel experiences. Since 1956, our dedicated and knowledgeable staff has worked to achieve this goal by assisting clients with making connections to ancestral ties, offering an array of enriching experiences while traveling and providing the level of customer service our clients have come to expect from Brekke Tours.

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Should I get Travel Insurance?

Everyone is encouraged to protect his or her investment with travel insurance. Generally pre-existing conditions can be covered if premium payment is made within 15 days of your initial deposit.


What is the Swedish Krona?

Sweden has not adopted the Euro (yet). Swedish kronor (currency code: SEK) have been the currency of Sweden since the 19th century. The plural is kronor and one krona is divided into 100 öre.