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  • Jesper Nielsen / Hurtigruten

    Shetlands, Faroe Islands and Iceland: In the Wake of the Vikings

    May 8 2019 to May 18 2019

    The history of the Vikings is fascinating. These great sailors were fierce warriors, dreamers and explorers, settling along the rugged shores of Iceland and Scotland, among other places. Their heritage is very much in evidence today, reflected clearly in the language and sagas of Iceland.

  • Andrea Klaussner / Hurtigruten

    Greenland and Iceland: The Ultimate Fjord and National Park Experience

    Jul 26 2019 to Aug 6 2019

    This exploration begins in Spitsbergen and sails to Greenland and Iceland for an incomparable Arctic adventure. As we reach the least-visited national park in the world, we might sail for days without seeing another vessel.

  •  Thomas Haltner / Hurtigruten

    Iceland and Greenland: The Viking Heritage

    Aug 6 2019 to Aug 21 2019

    History, culture and wild coastal landscapes on Saga Island

  • Andrea Klaussner / Hurtigruten

    Antarctica, Chilean Fjords and Patagonia - Exploration of Southern Highlights

    Cruise A:
    Oct 31 2019 to Nov 18 2019
    Cruise B:
    Mar 1 2020 to Mar 20 2020

    This expedition takes you to the most intriguing spots along the South American coast and to Antarctica. Visit one of the most scenic national parks in the world, see the rich wildlife of Patagonia, the Chilean fjords, and Cape Horn, and then, Antarctica.

  • Cruises

    Antarctica - Highlights of the Frozen Continent

    Cruise A:
    Nov 10 2019 to Nov 22 2019
    Cruise B:
    Dec 2 2019 to Dec 14 2019
    Cruise C:
    Jan 8 2020 to Jan 20 2020

    Get ready for a rare adventure! From Ushuaia you cross the Drake Passage and sail on to an unforgettable exploration of Antarctica. Meet penguins up close and touch icebergs with your bare hands.